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203 Armstrong Drive (Freeport, PA)

Main Facility
203 Armstrong Drive
Freeport, PA 16229
T: +1.724.295.6200

Fluid Sealing Technologies

Curtiss-Wright’s AP Services is a leader in fluid sealing technologies and services for the power generation, industrial, and petrochemical industries. We are recognized as a "Best In Class" company, with proven performance in delivering solutions to reduce cost and improve equipment reliability. Our numerous honors include USA-STARS, First Energy, and Exelon “Supplier of the Year” awards, as well as NEI TIP awards for packing and graphite pressure seal technology.

Our customers include the largest power generation fleets in North America, including Exelon, AEP, Duke Energy, TVA, Progress Energy, First Energy, PPL, Southern Co., GenOn, USA-STARS, and many others. In addition to power generation customers, we supply products and services to support the Department of Energy National Laboratories.

AP Services provides the highest quality products along with the very best personnel to improve the equipment reliability at your site. Our sealing products line is a blend of manufactured and distributed products. Our manufactured products include proprietary valve packing technologies that have the lowest leak rates and friction in the industry. We also manufacture graphite pressure seals that are used by nearly every nuclear power plant and Valve OEM.

In addition to our extensive sealing products, we utilize CNC-driven water jet cutters to provide state-of-the-art gasket manufacturing. Products are manufactured accordingly under AP Services’ commercial and nuclear QA programs. AP Services' nuclear QA program is NUPIC audited to the requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B and Part 21.

Our services include a full line of valve services, fluid sealing on-site support, turn-key repack services and warehouse evaluations. Our personnel are the most knowledgeable and respected fluid sealing and valve experts in the industry.


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Mechanical Packing AP Style 524 Graphite Packing
Gaskets AP Style 300 Gasket
Textile Products AP Style 956 Rope
Specialty Products AP Services Specialty Products
Teaming Partners GORE Power Grade Sheet Gasket