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203 Armstrong Drive (Freeport, PA)

Main Facility
203 Armstrong Drive
Freeport, PA 16229
T: +1.724.295.6200


AP Services, a product and service brand of Curtiss-Wright, is a manufacturer and integrated supplier of mechanical valve and pump packing, metal and fabricated gaskets, and a wide variety of specialized fluid sealing products for use in the power generation, chemical, pulp & paper, and refining industries.


    GORE Power Grade

    GORE Power Grade Sheet is made from 100% expanded PTFE. It provides unequaled chemical inertness, along with a level of high-temperature and blowout resistance. This material will not degrade and offers unlimited shelf life. It conforms to rough sealing surfaces, yet compresses into an extremely tough gasket that makes a tight, long-lasting seal.

    General Specifications

    Material 100% expanded PTFE
    Material -450 ºF to 600 ºF
    PH Range 0-14
    Operating Pressure Vacuum to 3,000 psig (200 bar)
    Purity (Typicals) Leachable Chloride < 5ppm
    Leachable Fluorides < 10ppm
    Leachable Sulfur < 5ppm

    Technical Documents

    GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500

    GORE Series 500 Gasket Tape represents a significant breakthrough in creep resistance. It delivers at least 50% greater creep resistance than other PTFE gasket tapes, thus giving greater assurance of a secure seal, maximizing operational reliability and performance of flanged connections.

    General Specifications

    Material 100% expanded PTFE
    Temperature Range -450 ºF to 600 ºF
    PH Range 0-14
    Operating Pressure 600 psi (consult GORE when pressure exceed 600 psi)