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Curtiss-Wright is an Allied Distributor for the full range of Flexitallic gaskets - including the innovative Change gasket. The Flexitallic Change gasket is laser-welded for higher unit adhesion, pin point accuracy and solid unit construction. Its high level of stored energy gives the Change gasket extremely high recovery. The gasket is available with a locating ring in all sizes (upon request).

Flexitallic Change Gasket

Flexitallic Change gasket

Robust and resilient, metal-wound Change heat exchanger gasket is designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever. Manufactured with proprietary equipment using a 5-times thicker metal spiral and a unique laser welding process that penetrates completely through, the Change gasket requires no inner or outer ring, and is as easy to handle and install as a double-jacketed gasket. It is proven to perform without fail at least 60% longer than any other heat exchanger gasket.



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