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Warehouse Survey

technician measuring a valve
technician taking measurements

Curtiss-Wright's AP Services product and service brand is the only manufacturer that provides a complete service to identify and reverse engineer warehouse and OEM supplied items. We have developed custom software and a proven process for identifying gaskets, packing, O-rings and seals. Each sealing product is measured, cataloged, and photographed in strict accordance with our survey manual and QA program, giving end users easy access to an item’s full description - not just what it does or where it goes. This information is loaded to a web-based database for multi-site visibility and also synced to RAPID’s virtual inventory database.


  • Improved Equipment Reliability - OEM-supplied materials may be several generations behind. By identifying cases where a much-improved product or technology exists, we empower you to make improvements on a case-by-case or global level.
  • Inventory Reduction - We identify duplicate items for consolidation, along with opportunities to standardize on materials that perform the same function.
  • Reduce Direct and Indirect Costs - AP Services' products can help you save thousands of dollars in direct cost compared to the OEM. Indirect cost savings can be achieved by placing items on Blanket POs, resulting in better lead times, and reduced expediting fees, testing and processing.
  • Obsolescence - Eliminate the problem of not having spare parts for obsolete equipment. In many cases, the packing, gasket, O-ring, or seal is the only part needed when equipment is opened for inspections or routine PMs.
  • FME - Spiral-wound gaskets are a major source of Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) due to radial buckling of the winding materials. As laid out in the new INPO and EPRI FME guidelines, your plant needs to address this issue. Our survey will identify all at-risk spiral-wound gaskets, and a replacement gasket will be recommended.
  • Damaged and Asbestos Materials - All damaged and asbestos items will be identified and direct replacements recommended.