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Ashline Gaskets

Curtiss-Wright's AP Style 407 gasket is manufactured from ultra-high purity flexible graphite with a multiple braid construction. There are no binders, resins, or wire present. Style 407 is resilient, compressible, and thermally conductive. It is fire safe and compatible with most fluid mediums. The flexible, braided graphite provides long life, low maintenance, and leak free operation for most applications. Because of the material’s unique characteristics, it can withstand acids, caustics, alkalis, steam, and oil in high temperature applications. Style 407 features excellent heat transfer and extremely low coefficient of friction, and can be used in elevated temperature where rubber gaskets would fail.

AP Style 407 is die-formed and used primarily in fly ash applications. The gaskets are available for standard pipe sizes and non-standard applications.

temperature Specifications

Steam 1200˚F (650˚C)
Atmosphere 850˚F (455˚C)