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Expansion Joints

Curtiss-Wright has teamed with industry leaders Garlock and Holz to provide our customers with a wide range of expansion joint options to meet standard replacements and leaking applications.  We offer a complete walk-down of existing expansion joints to ensure that our customers are matched with the right style, correct fit, and best solution for their service requirements.


    garlock expansion joints

    Curtiss-Wright is an authorized distributor for our teaming partner, Garlock. Garlock expansion joints are ideally suited for numerous application across a range of industries to improve plant safety and increase the mechanical integrity of equipment; they provide superior performance, reliability, and service life. Garlock has manufactured expansion joints to meet the needs of the power generation and chemical processing industries since the 1940s. In the 1960s, they expanded their offerings to support the growing nuclear industry. Garlock was the first to market innovative styles of expansion joints including:

    • GUARDIAN® Series: Includes FEP liners for chemical applications
    • EZ-FLO®: Offers a flowing wide arch design to eliminate media build up and reduce fluid turbulence
    • ABRA-LINE: Features a polyurethane elastomer tube for superior abrasion resistance

    Garlock expansion joints undergo rigid laboratory and field tests to ensure safety, long life, and reliable service. Garlock maintains a 10CFR50 Appendix B (Safety-Related) Quality Program for its nuclear industry offerings.


    holz expansion joints

    Curtiss-Wright is an authorized distributor for our teaming partner, Holz Rubber Company. Holz offers a full range of product solutions for all temperatures, applications, and chemical challenges. Holz’s engineered elastomer expansion joints are designed as an integral component for gas and fluid transfer systems. Built in the USA, Holz expansion joints are equipped to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and dynamic joint movements. Our wide selection of Holz expansion joints includes standard size pipe joints from 1-1/2" up to 72". We maintain an extensive inventory of on-demand stock that allows us to reduce lead times and ship quickly. Holz also offers custom solutions for unique or difficult applications. Their custom-engineered, hand-built joints are capable of compensating for pipe misalignment, dissimilar flanges, and corrosive or abrasive media.

    In addition to elastomeric expansion joint products, Curtiss-Wright supplies Holz gas transfer duct joints - suitable for the most demanding applications. The elastomer duct joints can be custom manufactured to reduce strain caused by the significant movements and vibration for temperatures up to 450F. Holz carries specialized solutions in their high-temperature composite expansion joint line of products for applications above 450F.