Packing / Thread Lubricant

GRAFOIL GTS Thread Sealant Paste

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear is a Preferred Distributor for GRAFOIL® GTS® graphite thread sealant paste. This high-purity paste is a patented solution that combines nuclear grade graphite with a nuclear quality petroleum-based carrier. The thread sealant paste delivers long-life performance - even under severe conditions - making it an ideal replacement for Teflon® thread sealant tape and similar conventional thread sealant materials. The GTS® is designed to seal small diameter, close tolerance threaded pipe joints in critical service applications up to 635°C (1175°F) and 16MPa (2300 psi).

Typical Properties*

Total Halogen (as Cl) <25 ppm
Leachable Chloride <10 ppm
Total Chlorine <10 ppm
Total Flourine <25 ppm
Total Nitrite <1 ppm
Total Nitrate <10 ppm
Total Sulfur <150 ppm
Embrittling Metals (No single embrittling metal>200 ppm) <250 ppm

Properties listed are typical and cannot be used as accept/reject specifications.


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