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203 Armstrong Drive (Freeport, PA)

Main Facility
203 Armstrong Drive
Freeport, PA 16229
T: +1.724.295.6200

Teaming Partners

Curtiss-Wright has partnered with leading gasket and packing manufacturers specializing in the nuclear, oil and gas, and chemical industries. We offer a wide range of product solutions to meet our customers' fluid sealing requirements.

Flex-A-Seal logo


Flex-A-Seal is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered mechanical seals, welded metal bellows and the world’s first two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal. Flex-A-Seal also offers a full line of replacement mechanical seals for a full array of rotating equipment. For over 35 years, Flex-A-Seal has been committed to designing and manufacturing sealing products and accessories of the highest quality.

Flexitallic logo


Flexitallic is a international manufacturer and supplier of engineered sealing solutions, serving the global oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, power and OEM sectors. For over 100 years, Flexitallic has been at the forefront of the gasket and sealing industry, providing innovative sealing solutions, including Thermiculite® high temperature gasket material, the Change™ metal wound Heat Exchanger Gasket, and Corriculite™ the superior sealing material for proactive corrosion prevention.

Garlock logo


Garlock is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline solutions with an emphasis on safety, longevity, and productivity. By combining the most innovative products with a strong environmental commitment, Garlock delivers solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Gore logo


Gore is a manufacturer of sealing solutions for industrial and aerospace applications. Their products include sheet gasketing, cut pipe gaskets, form-in-place tapes, joint sealants, and packing. GORE's proprietary expanded PTFE material, or ePTFE, is inherently chemically inert, waterproof, thermally stable and mechanically robust. ePTFE keeps their sealing solutions robust, even when exposed to aggressive chemicals, friction, or extreme temperatures - making it ideal for a range of applications and industries.

Holz Rubber logo

Holz Rubber Company

Holz Rubber Company is a leading manufacturer of elastomer expansion joints. Combining technical know-how, extensive industry experience, and superior manufacturing capabilities, they specialize in building standard and custom expansion joints that meet specific application requirements and increase efficiency.

Thermoseal logo


Thermoseal Inc. is a preferred supplier and manufacturer of high end sealing products for industrial and OE use. They offer a diverse product portfolio for the world’s most demanding industries. The Thermoseal product range consists of metallic, non-metallic, and semi-metallic sealing products for industries including oil and gas, chemical, infrastructure, energy, transport, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharma and OE.

Omniseal logo


Omniseal SolutionsTM is a global engineering leader with over 65 years of historical legacy, relentlessly dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision sealing and material solutions that protect critical applications in the most demanding environments and passionately driven to push Beyond the Boundaries of Possible®. Customers have used Omniseal® spring-energized seals and metal seals for a variety of critical industrial applications: reactor vessels, monitoring systems, control rods, pressurizers, heat exchangers, pipes and fittings, pumps, valves, actuators, and snubbers. As these sealing solutions are very versatile, they can handle a wide range of temperature and pressure as well as offering excellent chemical and radiological resistance.