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Sealing Products

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Specialty Textiles

AP Services, a product and service brand of Curtiss-Wright, is a manufacturer and integrated supplier of a wide variety of specialized fluid sealing products for use in the power generation, chemical, pulp & paper, and refining industries.


    AP STYLE 399

    Style 399 is a mechanically pressed grey felt manufactured from wool and wool blends. Style 399 meets SAE F-13 and ASTM 9R4. At the proper density and firmness, felt can seal in lubricants or seal out contamination. It is one of the few materials, which will perform satisfactorily on a cost/effective basis for many packing applications.

    Recommended Uses

    Felt can be used for grease seals, dust shields, and gaskets on large doors and lids.

    Physical Properties

    Style 399 Meets the following:

    • SAE F-13ASTM: 9R4
    • Actual Wool Content (min.)
    • 75%Tensile Strength (min) 75%

    AP STYLE 403

    Style 403 is a woven thermoglass roving fabric in a plain weave colored with orange pigment. Applications include fire blankets, gasket cloth, welding and stress relief blankets, and drop cloths. Resistant to most chemicals and solvents, good flame protection to temperatures up to 1000º F.

    Solvent, Sunlight, and Age Resistant.

    General Specifications

    Basic Fabric Fiberglass Color/Appearance – Orange
    Available Widths – 40”, 60” (1.0m,1.5m)
    Roll Length – 50 yds.
    Weave Style – Plain
    Chemical Resistance Most chemicals except Hydrofluoric, hot phosphoric acid and wet hydrogen fluoride.
    Construction (ends x picks/sq. in.) 10” x 8”
    Fabric Weight (oz./sq./yd. average) 32 (1,087 gm/sq. m)
    Fabric Thickness (in.) 0.055
    Warp Strength (lbs./in.) 300
    Fill Strength (lbs./in.) 200
    Abrasion Resistance Good
    Temperature Tolerance 1,000 ºF (higher for brief periods)

    AP STYLE 404

    Silica fabrics have become the preferred choice in protection of equipment and personnel in high temperature applications. There are two satin weave silica fabrics from which to choose that can withstand molten metal temperatures and offer protection at continuous temperatures up to 1,800 ºF (1,000 ºC).

    Both fabrics can be used or fabricated as welding drop cloths, stress relief blankets, protective screens/covers, furnace curtains, insulation mats and cable tray wraps. It depends upon the weight/thickness/strength factors as to the fabric that is best cost effective choice.

    Features and Benefits

    • Resists Penetration Of Weld “Slag” And Passes Welding “Burn-through” Test
    • Fireproof
    • Excellent Insulating Properties
    • Easily Sewn And Fabricated
    • High Strength And Flexibility Benefits
    • Protects Equipment And Personnel In The Toughest Welding Applicatio
    • Protects Against Hot Work Fires
    • Lower Utility Costs
    • Wide Product Variety (Blankets, Curtains, Mats…)
    • Multiple Product Use-Cost Effective

    General Specifications

    Silicon Dioxide Content (%) Style 404-18 = 96
    Style 404-36 = 96
    Weight (oz./sy.) Style 404-18 = 18
    Style 404-36 = 36
    Thickness (in.) Style 404-18 = 0.30
    Style 404-36 = 0.054
    Warp Style 404-18 = 220
    Style 404-36 = 330
    Fill Style 404-18 = 110
    Style 404-36 = 200

    AP STYLE 921

    Style 921 is made from rubberized, woven synthetic cloth in a solid roll-up construction of either square or rectangular cross section. Groove luting is available standard or with a graphite finish.

    Recommended Uses

    Style 921 is an excellent alternative to asbestos luting and groove packing for door gasketing applications at temperatures to 500º F.

    General Specifications

    Weights for Groove Luting 3/8" = 10.25 lbs./100 ft.
    1/2" = 18.75 lbs./100 ft.
    5/8" = 27.00 lbs./100 ft.
    Available Sizes .375”, .438”, .500”, .563”,
    .625”, .688”, .750”, .813”,
    .875”, 1.000”, 1.125”, 1.250”,
    1.375”, 1.500”, 2.000”
    These sizes are available in 25 ft. lengths

    AP STYLE 962

    Style 962 is a folded woven fiberglass cloth manufactured from high grade, textured fiberglass yarn, having six times the strength of asbestos, eliminating the need for a wire insertion. This yarn is woven into cloth and treated with a high temperature rubber compound. This material is available only in gasket form, no bulk sheeting available.

    Recommended Uses

    Style 962 is particularly useful on irregular or uneven flanges sealing hot air, gas, and low-pressure steam at temperatures to 500 ºF. Primarily used on boiler doors, furnace doors, lids and vessels.

    General Specifications

    Thickness 1/8" and 1/4"