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As a manufacturer of actuators that are engineered and crafted without compromise, QTRCO's mission has always been to produce the safest, most reliable, and easy to maintain actuators on the market. QTRCO offers unique solutions to address common actuator problems; these actuators are designed to minimize friction, utilize internal side loading, and maximize the efficiency of the number of seals inside of the actuator, resulting in actuators that are ideally suited for both control and on/off applications. Adapters have been engineered to fit all valve types as well as direct mounting to many valves. From the unique design features to the premium materials of construction we have the confidence to offer a 3-year performance warranty.



    QTRCO's F-Series pneumatic actuators are compact, lightweight and ideally suited for any quarter-turn (90 degree) rotating mechanism. Their flat yoke mechanism with quad body slots is inherently designed to withstand higher torques than many other actuators, providing a design balanced in both weight and force.

    These economical, low maintenance actuators provide a reliable means of automation with a balanced weight distribution, captured springs, and convenient action reversal.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Flat Yoke Mechanism with Quad Body Slots Absorbs 100% of the yoke mechanism's mechanical side loading forces, leaving the piston rod completely free of bending stresses.
    Inherently Canted Yoke Longer yoke arms allow a canted yoke torque curve, providing substantially more spring end torque.
    Bi-Directional Travel Stops Stops act on the piston motion and imparts no side loading on the shaft.

    Principles of Operation

    The patented flat yoke design of the F-Series provides an innovative alternative to traditional scotch yoke actuators. By using a slotted body concept, the body absorbs 100% of the yoke mechanism's side loading forces, meaning the piston rod is free of bending stress, while also allowing the rod to terminate at the yoke.

    The additional of the weight and force balancing secod force module makes lifting and handling these actuators safer and easier while also reducing the valve neck stress that is caused by unbalanced actuators. These balanced forces create less internal friction loss and less wear, calling for less maintenance over time.

    General Specifications

    Torque Range: Torques up to 500,000 in-lb
    Pressure Range: Pressure up to 150 psig
    Temperature Range: Temperatures from -75°F to 450°F
    Rotation: 90° Rotation (±5° at each end of travel)
    Quality Class: Commercial
    QTRCO F-Series Actuator Cut Away


    QTRCO's L-Series linear valve actuators use the linear components of their rotary actuators paired with captured springs to provide a long lasting, low friction, safe stainless steel substitute for diaphragm type actuators. Despite their smaller size, they are resistant to corrosion and vibration, and can be mounted to any type of linear action valve, including globe, diaphragm, and gate valves.

    Key Features and Benefits

    True Spring Return or Double Acting Linear Action Designed to fit any linear action valve and most actuator mounted accessories.
    Superior Control Capability Minimal friction, exceptional linearity, and excellent frequency response.
    Long Service Life with Easy Maintenance Robust design and premium materials ensure long life, while captured springs grant safe maintenance access.

    Principles of Operation

    The L-Series acts as most traditional linear actuators do, but provides a stronger, safer, low friction alternative in a much smaller package by using captured springs.

    General Specifications

    Styles Fail Up, Fail Down or Double Acting
    Pressure Range: Pressure up to 150 psig
    Temperature Range: Temperatures from -76°F to 500°F
    Output Thrust Up to 46,000 lbf (204,618 N)
    Construction Stainless Steel or Steel/Composite
    Strokes Up to 4"
    Quality Class: Commercial
    QRTCO L-Series Linear Actuator


    QTRCO's Q-Series pneumatic actuators use offset cylinders to align the piston axis with the pinion gear pitch circle diameter, eliminating the cantilever forces that usually come with rack and pinion type actuators. Their low friction rollers maintain the correct engagement of the gearing, enabling fantastic throttling control in typical diaphragm actuator applications where corrosion of high vibration requires an advanced solution. 

    Key Features and Benefits

    Bi-Directional Travel Stops These stops act on the piston while imparting no side loading on thie shaft, and allow for a minimum of 5 degrees of over travel in either direction.
    Pressure Balanced Shafts This pressure balanced design is not subject to the high "pistoning" forces typical to rack and pinion actuators, which helps to prevent higher friction, torque loss, and early failure.
    Non-Pressurized Shaft Seals and Non-Existant Rod Seals No pressure is applied to the shaft seals, preventing a common cause of seal failure, and the location of the springs inward of the piston eliminates the need for rod seals on spring return actuators.

    Principles of Operation

    By utilizing off set cylinders to align the piston axis and low friction rollers to to maintain correct gearing engagement, the Q-Series actuators eliminate the forces traditional to rack and pinion type actuators while providing exceptionally long lives. The reduced friction increases throttling control, making them ideal for typical diaphragm actuator applications where corrosion or high vibration are common. Additionally, Q-Series actuators shaft seals cannot fail due to the lack of pressure applied to them, and the spring return models require no rod seals due to the inward location of their springs.

    General Specifications

    Torque Range (Double Acting): Torques up to 21,000 in-lb
    Pressure Range (Double Acting): Pressure up to 150 psig
    Temperature Range (Double Acting): Temperatures from -76°F to 450°F
    Quality Class (Double Acting): Commercial
    Torque Range (Single Acting): Torques up to 7,500 in-lb
    Pressure Range (Single Acting): Pressure up to 175 psig
    Temperature Range (Single Acting): Temperatures from -75°F to 450°F
    Rotation (Single Acting): 90° Rotation (±5° at each end of travel)
    Quality Class (Single Acting): Commercial