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Outage Services

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear is uniquely positioned to provide key pre-outage support for utilities due to the vast installed base of our valves, actuators, pumps, snubbers, heat exchangers, and instrumentation of our legacy and teaming partner products. Based on twenty years of experience supporting outages with these components, the key customer benefits include:

Services Provided

  • Pro-Active Obsolescence Planning
  • Solution Generation for Top Obsolescence Issues
  • Identification and PO Management of Long Lead-time /
    Critical Path Parts and Components
  • Verification and Validation of Parts Inventory
  • Just in Time Training / Procedure Review
  • Application Review / Resizing
  • Upgrades / Retrofit Opportunities


Nuclear suppliers have traditionally provided parts and assemblies as needed, leaving customers to determine inventories and obsolescence solutions. Today, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear outage support services offer the utility a partnership to drive obsolescence solutions, inventory optimization, and training towards timely resolution in advance of the plant outage. Outside of power uprates, the scheduled outage is the driving force behind parts and service requirements.

Categories of Pre-Outage Support

Inventory Checkup: Using Curtiss-Wright Nuclear’s installed base program and product support history, we can give your inventory a checkup. Curtiss-Wright Nuclear can identify critical outage support components within our legacy products and our family of teaming partners. Curtiss-Wright Nuclear can make recommendations for parts and complete equipment in accordance with your outage schedule. The inventory checkup is a no cost service in support of plant operations. Visual inspection of inventory by our personnel is also available.

Just in Time Training: Training is scheduled according tsite calendar.

  • Tangential Benefit Inventory Checkup and Just in Time Training:
    • Identification of Obsolescence Issues before they Become Critical Path Items
    • Establishment of Enertech as the Obsolescence Solutions Provider
    • Improve Equipment Performance and Reliability