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Valve and Actuator Services

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear offers a comprehensive package of valve and actuation services during shutdown and normal operations. Our Team of tenured valve and actuator specialists is backed by a staff of Registered Professional Engineers for failure analysis, environmental qualification and design change needs as required.

Our Field Technicians will produce immediate pay back by greatly reducing trouble shooting and maintenance schedules as a result of intimate equipment knowledge. Curtiss-Wright Nuclear’s Technicians will assist you in meeting the ever-increasing demands of shorter outages while improving reliability and performance of your valves and actuation.

Valve and Actuator Services

  • On-site or In-house repair or rebuild of any manufacturer’s equipment
    • Gate, globe, check, ball, and butterfly inspection and repairs
    • Safety valve refurbishment and repair with air, steam and water testing
    • Calibration and repair of AOVs
    • Maintenance support for MOVs
    • Electro-Hydraulic operator repair and refurbishments
  • Valve repacking
  • Full assembly, testing, machining, and welding capabilities
  • Inspection of critical dimensions and surfaces
  • Online, offline, and off-site diagnostics of AOVs, MOVs, SOVs and check valves
  • On-Site diagnostic support services for AOVs and MOVs
  • Digital upgrades of older pneumatic and analog instrumentation
  • Training
  • State-of-the-Art Analysis Capabilities
    • Structural/Stress/Thermal Analysis
    • Valve Design and Retrofitting
    • Flow Analysis
    • Heat Transfer Analysis
    • Failure Root Cause Analysis