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Swing Check Valves

Curtiss-Wright has partnered with Ringo Valves to provide the US nuclear power market with swing check valves. Located in Zaragoza, Spain, Ringo valves has designed and manufactured their cast and forged valves for over 30 years. Their high QA standards, including ANSI and ASME, make them an international leader in the valve industry, and Ringo prides itself on only providing only the highest level of valve technology. Available in a variety of sizes, valve types, and materials, Ringo valves provide a wide range of solutions to any problem. The swing check valve design features a disc with anti-rotation pins and is also available for large passages.

Key Features and Benefits

Bolted Bonnet / Pressure Seal
Wafer / Lug / Double flanged

Optional Features

Position Indicator
Locking Device
Emergency Assisted Valves
Dampered Valves

General Specifications

Size: 1/2" - 72"
Ratings: ANSI Pressure Class 150 to 4500
Quality Class: Commercial, Safety-Related, ASME Code, Class 1, 2, 3

Typical Plant Applications

  • Auxiliary Feedwater Steam Supply System
  • RCIC Turbine Exhaust
  • Pressure Boundary/Containment Isolation
  • Safety Injection System
  • Instrument Air Systems
  • Tank/vessel vacuum protection
  • High Energy Line Breakage Isolation
  • GL 89-04 Safety Related Applications


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