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Cartridge Ball Valve

Enertech Cartridge Ball Valves are an innovative design that incorporates the positive features of ball, gate, and high performance valves resulting in a mechanically sealing, tight shut-off valve with a simple operation that provides outstanding performance. The HEMI Cartridge Valve (HCV) and Ball Cartridge Valve (BCV) are available in sizes from 1” - 12” inch diameters. The HCV and BCV offer outstanding longevity and performance in a broad range of applications with virtually no maintenance. When trim change-out is needed, the cartridge design helps in meeting As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) goals by reducing maintenance times.



    The HCV valve (HEMI Cartridge Valve) is an innovative design that incorporates many positive features from other valve types. These features are combined into a single product platform that is UNIQUE to the HCV product line and not found in any other valve in the nuclear market.

    The HCV is highly adaptive to a variety of process applications from low to high temperatures and on-off to control.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Mechanical Sealing Bubble Tight Shutoff
    Fixed Core Linear Flow Characteristic
    Cartridge Design Quick Replacement. All internal parts affixed to bonnet

    Principles of Operation

    The HCVs mechanical seal is achieved by the increased offset (taper) of the HEMI wedging into the seat. At full closure a positive mechanical load is created between the HEMI and the seat. Unlike conventional ball valves, the HEMI core directs flow away from the seat ring, protecting the body and seat from excessive erosion. The cartridge design, in which all internal sealing parts are affixed to the bonnet, reduces downtime and cost of repair. All cartridges are serialized and interchangeable.

    General Specifications

    150 1" - 12"
    300 1" - 12"
    600 1" - 8"
    900 1" - 8"
    1500 1" - 4"


    The BCV uses several of the same design features of mechanical sealing as the HCV and is suited for standard block valve applications where the end user is in need of a reliable shut-off valve.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Dual Mechanical Sealing Two independently sealing seats
    D.I.B. Sealing Double Isolation and Bleed sealing
    Cartridge Design Quick Replacement. All internal parts affixed to bonnet

    Principles of Operation

    The mechanical seal is achieved by rotating the ball around a central fixed axis, and is supported by trunnions. The ball has an offset on its external surface. This offset creates camming action when the ball is rotated, providing a positive mechanical load on the seat at the full closed position. The positive mechanical load produces a tight seal at both low and high pressures, irrespective of direction of differential pressure.

    The ball can have an offset on either one side (single seat) or on both of its sides (double seat).

    BCV valves are suited for higher pressure classes and valve sizes.

    General Specifications

    150 10"
    600 4" - 12"
    900 1" - 12"
    1500 1", 4" - 12"