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John P. Knezevic

John P. Knezevic
Teaming Partner Manager, Enertech
Phone: +1.714.982.1927


Marotta has been supplying engineered solenoid and check valves to the nuclear power industry for over 40 years. These solenoid valves have been widely used in fuel transfer application for the CANDU reactor design, while Marotta check valves have been used in multiple applications across the industry.

In the Mid-1990s Marotta retired their ASME N and NPT stamps and to ensure that the nuclear industry would continue to receive support for Marotta products, Enertech and Marotta formed an exclusive partnership. Through this partnership, Enertech has been approved to manufacture Marotta Safety-Related and ASME Code Section III valves under its Appendix B program and ASME N and NPT Stamps.