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PlasmaBond® Engineered Surfaces

PlasmaBond® is an engineered surface consisting of high purity metals – nickel, palladium, silver – that are applied to the substrate by an electrical charge in a clean vacuum which ensures superior bonding strength. The process applies a thin metallic layer without affecting the mechanical, dimensional and metallurgical properties.

PlasmaBond is superior to conventional lubricants as it does not migrate away from the working surface and is not affected by heat, load, or longevity of the interval between maintenance service periods. PlasmaBond is qualified for both nuclear and aviation applications.

The Ultimate Bolting Solution

Time is crucial for nuclear power plants. PlasmaBond together with HydraNut is the best way to dramatically reduce closure time for reactor vessel heads, reactor coolant pumps, valves, and everywhere superior joint integrity is important. For maintaining components in the nuclear, petrochemical, and the broader power markets, bolted joints that have PlasmaBond and HydraNuts will save you time and money.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Less damage to expensive parts
  • Fewer repairs of galling-related damage
  • Easier disassembly
  • Shorter maintenance downtime
  • Greater operational reliability
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Extended component life

Components in Operation

Components Units
Reactor Studs > 507
Steam Generators > 2,577
Pressurizer Studs > 76
Turbine/Generators > 12,616
Pumps & Valves > 8,175
Flange Fasteners > 5,600
Combustion Turbines > 2,100

Principles of Operation

Component to be coated can range in size to 7 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length. Coating can be performed on new or existing components currently in service. Coating procedure can be performed at Nova or on site. Coating is done at low temperatures to maintain the physical properties of the base materials. These extremely thin coatings do not effect dimensional properties of the coated component.

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