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Nova Products

18001 Sheldon Road
Middleburg Hts., OH 44130
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Nova, a product and service brand of Curtiss-Wright Nuclear, manufactures and supplies an extensive line of standard and specialty fasteners in any size and alloy. If Curtiss-Wright Nuclear doesn’t have what you are looking for in stock, Nova can manufacture to meet unique requirements and specifications.

Safety-Related, ASME Section III, Commercial Fasteners

  • Hex and heavy hex bolts
  • Structural bolts
  • Shoulder bolts
  • Lock bolts
  • U-bolts
  • Bent bolts
  • Eyebolts
  • Heavy hex screws
  • Hex head cap screws
  • Machine screws
  • Set screws
  • Hex socket head cap screws
  • 12-point screws
  • Tapping screws
  • Hex and heavy hex nuts
  • Cap nuts
  • Lock nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Machine screw nuts
  • Full thread studs
  • Tension studs
  • Double end studs
  • Manway studs
  • Vessel studs
  • Flat washers
  • Lock washers
  • Tab washers
  • Beveled washers
  • Headless and headed pins
  • Rivets
  • Rod end
  • Threaded rod