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Trentec Spent Fuel Pool Gates

Trentec Spent Fuel Pool Gates are used in new construction as well as replacements for existing power stations. The Trentec design has a proven track record in its international install base as an integral feature in sustaining a reliable spent fuel management system. Regardless of size requirements, all Trentec Spent Fuel Pool Gates are equipped with environmentally qualified inflatable seals, designed to ensure bubble-tight sealing and prevent unwanted leaks. Fabrication options include single or double seals and/or a two-gate assembly separated by a monitoring chamber. Installation requires welding of the frame to the spent fuel pool liner. Routine seal replacement required.

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear performs routine field maintenance and supplies replacement parts for all OEM spent fuel pool gates.

Design Features

  • Environmentally qualified, inflatable seals
  • Single or double seals
  • Two-gate assembly

Field Services

  • Turn-key design, fabrication, installation, and new unit start-up
  • Major turn-key overhauls
  • Routine maintenance/Outage tune-ups
  • Modifications and upgrades

Safety-related Parts

  • Environmentally qualified seals
  • O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • Mechanical components
  • Spare/replacement parts

Key Benefits

  • Custom design
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Enhance leak test performance
  • Reduce maintenance