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Cincinnati and CWNC

Main Facility
4600 East Tech Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245
T: +1.513.528.7900

Canadian Facility
450 Harry Walker Parkway South, Newmarket
Ontario, L3Y 8E3
Phone: +1.905.954.0841

Electrical Equipment Panels

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear has experience building and outfitting safety-related panels, to the customers’ specifications, in standard NEMA enclosures or custom built enclosures designed to meet specific installation requirements.


  • Annunciator Panels
  • Fire Protection Panels
  • Sampling Panels
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Instrument Panels
  • HVAC Control Panels
  • Custom Cabinets and Racks
  • Electrical Distribution Panels
  • Process Flow/control Panels