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Camfil Containment Air Filtration

Camfil containment air filtration
Camfil bag in bag out housing
Camfil nuclear HEPA filters

Curtiss-Wright has partnered with Camfil to serve as a channel to market for Camfil’s line of containment air filtration products and engineering services for the U.S. nuclear fleet. As a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control, Camfil has experience supporting over 90 nuclear power plants worldwide.

Nuclear HEPA Filters

Camfil’s Absolute® DN & VN line of nuclear-grade HEPA filters protect personnel, the public, and the environment from airborne radioactive particulate. Designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ASME AG-1 under Camfil’s NQA-1 quality assurance program, the filters meet all 10CFR50 Appendix B and 10CFR21 requirements. Absolute HEPA filters are available in gel and gasket seals in sizes up to 2000 CFM.

Curtiss-Wright carries the following Absolute DN and VN nuclear-grade HEPA filters:

  • Absolute® DN Size 7, 1500 CFM HEPA Filters
  • Absolute® VN Size 8, 2000 CFM HEPA Filter
  • Push-Through Cylindrical Radial Flow Designed Absolute® Filters
  • HEGA II (Type II) ASME AG-1 Design Carbon Adsorber
  • HEGA IV (Type IV) ASME AG-1 Design Carbon Adsorber

Download the Camfil line card to learn more.