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HVAC Systems

The Power of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Excellence 

With over 100 years of combined nuclear Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) experience, Curtiss-Wright and our teaming partners are the industry’s leading comprehensive source for all HVAC products and solutions. Curtiss-Wright provides custom tailored all-encompassing support for any HVAC need, supplying an exhaustive range of commercial and safety related equipment and services ranging from safety-related chillers, dampers, and motors, to commercial grade dedication programs, equipment qualification expertise, OEM replacement, safety related and non-safety related digital solutions, and reverse engineering. All of Curtiss-Wright's solutions cover every aspect of the HVAC process from evaluation, to design, to manufacturing, to qualification and after order support.

Curtiss-Wright’s highly collaborative teaming partners ensure that our HVAC portfolio can fulfill any customer need – these strategic agreements with key suppliers for equipment and intellectual property create a unified source for all HVAC requirements. From Reuland's custom designed and manufactured motors to Ruskin's high-performance dampers and louvers, and our many other products, Curtiss-Wright rises to meet any challenge.




    Curtiss-Wright Nuclear offers safety-related, precision engineered HVAC chillers and equipment.  We use small, cost effective, modular designs that can be assembled into larger skids, and are easy to manufacture, test, transport and install, even in confined spaces, allowing for better control of both partial and full loads. Additionally, by using electro-mechanical devices for unit control and operation, we eliminate the added cost of maintaining a safety-related software program; system data for maintenance and trending information can be gathered using existing control connections, eliminating a complete digital upgrade expense, and making our offerings capable of providing OEM replacement, reverse engineered, and custom designed solutions for every need.


    Curtiss-Wright is pleased to announce that we have strengthened our partnership with Ruskin Company.

    For over 50 years, Ruskin has been a leader in the engineering, design, and manufacture of high performance dampers and louvers, and with Curtiss-Wright’s exclusive partnership, Ruskin provides these products for use in nuclear safety-related applications. Specializing in a wide variety of dampers, air and access doors, and louvers, Ruskin provides for every need and function, including products for control, backdraft, smoke, fire, pressure relief, and balancing in every configuration imaginable. These products support Curtiss-Wright’s complete HVAC product portfolio, giving nuclear plants the ability to maintain and install new turnkey safety-related HVAC systems.


    • Fire Dampers
    • Fire Sleeves
    • Fire Angles
    • Ceiling Fire Dampers
    • Access Doors
    • Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers
    • Smoke Dampers
    • Air Doors
    • Control Dampers
    • Backdraft Dampers and Actuators
    • Louvers, Penthouses, and Brick Vents


    • Control
    • Backdraft
    • Manual
    • Smoke/Fire
    • Pressure Relief
    • Diffuser
    • Balancing
    • And More


    • Static, Dynamic, Curtain, and Multi-Blade options available
    • Customizable to any scale or need
    • Out-of-the-Wall Installations Available
    • Material Options include Extruded Aluminum, Non-Metallic, Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Aluminum and Steel
    • True Round or Square to Round Transitions


    As a leading supplier of custom designed and manufactured motors for the most challenging applications, Reuland makes an ideal contributor to Curtiss-Wright’s HVAC offerings. As many original motor OEMs exited the nuclear power industry, Curtiss-Wright has stepped in, aiding Reuland in designing direct replacements for these obsolete motors under our safety related programs, making safety related motors and equipment once more accessible to the nuclear industry. In addition to Curtiss-Wright’s safety-related programs, Reuland operates two manufacturing facilities as well as its own foundry and pattern shop, and has developed 1000s of designs to meet the demands of customer-specific requirements. 


    • AC Motors
    • Fractional HP through 400 Frame
    • Low Voltage (up to 600 volts)
    • Three Phase
    • Safety-related and Non-safety related
    • Replacement Motors, not Refurbishments


    • Standard Motors
    • Wound Rotor Motors
    • U-frame Motors
    • High-speed Motors
    • Multi-speed Motors
    • Fluid Cooled Motors
    • Partial Motors
    • Synchronous Motors
    • Gearmotors
    • Brake Motors


    • HVAC
    • Pumps, Mixers, Blowers
    • Motor-operated Valves
    • OEM Process Skids
    • Conversion, DC to AC
    • Crane and Hoist
    • Elevator

    Air Filters

    Curtiss-Wright has partnered with Camfil to serve as a channel to market for Camfil’s line of containment air filtration products and engineering services for U.S. commercial nuclear power plants. Camfil is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control with experience supporting more than 90 nuclear power plants globally.

    Camfil’s portfolio includes specialized nuclear containment and filtration solutions that are designed, built, and tested under the company’s audited NQA-1 program. They offer an extensive range of products to meet every need – from standard ventilation filters to highly specialized filters, filter housings and adsorbers for nuclear applications.

    Quality is built into every Camfil product. As experts in nuclear containment and filtration, Camfil nuclear products are designed, built, and tested per the requirements of ASME AG-1, ASME NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B, and 10CFR21.


    Curtiss-Wright and Aerofin’s teaming agreement brings over 100 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing parts to the nuclear industry. With this agreement, Curtiss-Wright serves as a channel to market for Aerofin products in the nuclear power generation, Department of Energy and commercial nuclear markets.

    Founded in 1923, Aerofin is a leading manufacturer of finned tube heat exchanger coils and related heat transfer equipment,and has been servicing the nuclear industry since 1966. Today, the company’s installed base of nuclear coils covers over 94% of US nuclear power plants and dozens more worldwide. All Aerofin coils have been comprehensively LOCA tested at over 30 load points. With a resident ANI at their 165,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility in Lynchburg, VA, Aerofin can fabricate nearly any finned tube heat exchanger or other heat transfer product. Both spiral and plate fin coils can be designed for new applications or as drop-in replacements for existing equipment with the same geometry and performance as the original.

    Cooling Coils

    • Barrel Header Coil
    • Removable Header Coil
    • Split-Fit Coil

    Other Products

    • ASME-NPT Stamped External Frame
    • Automatic Backwash Strainer
    • Circular Coil
    • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger