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4600 East Tech Drive(Cincinnati, OH)

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4600 East Tech Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245
T: +1.513.528.7900

HVAC Systems

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear and its teaming partners have over 20 years of international experience designing and manufacturing nuclear class, safety-related chillers and HVAC equipment. Chillers are available in two configurations: safety-related or commercial.

All HVAC equipment supplied by Curtiss-Wright Nuclear is manufactured to ASME Section III, Section VIII, and 10CFR50 Appendix B.


    ECU Chillers and Controllers

    Curtiss-Wright Nuclear and ECU have teamed up to supply application-specific, safety-related chillers for commercial nuclear power plants. The result of this partnership is the supply of qualified OEM replacements, reverse engineering, and custom designed chiller systems.

    Design Features

    • Capabilities from 3000 BTUH to 200 Ton
    • Water- or air-cooled condenser
    • Environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants: R-134a, R-407C, R-410A
    • Modular design to suit installation egress requirements
    • Single-stage or multi-stage design
    • Hermetic motor with refrigerant cooled system
    • Shell and tube type or high efficiency brazed/welded plateheat exchanger
    • Sub cooler and/or de-superheat injection available
    • Stable refrigerant flow control at full load
    • Full hot gas bypass for part load design
    • Low noise and low vibration
    • High efficiency and high reliability design
    • Designed to match current footprint, volumetric, and inlet/outlet locations

    Design Consideration

    • Critical design characteristics for operation
    • Overall system design, simple vs. complex requirements
    • Built in redundancy using multiple smaller compressors vs. one large compressor
    • Part load considerations for sizing compressors and optimize efficiency
    • Compressor protection, temperature and pressure monitoring
    • Failure modes
    • Human Factors and HMI
    • Selection of industry recognized components
    • Analog controls using proven electro-mechanical components
    • Digital monitoring
    • Maintenance
    • Weather protection for outdoor units
    • Power, weight, and size restrictions
    • Optimum efficiency, use of available power
    • Code requirements
    • Seismic testing
    • EMI/RFI testing
    • Environmental testing

    Unit Control Cost Effective Design

    • Standard analog for operation
    • Optional non-safety digital for data and trending information
    • System monitoring/protection for:
      • Cooling loss
      • Refrigerant loss
      • Water flow loss
      • Power loss
      • Control loss
      • High head pressure
      • Low suction pressure
    • Custom designed to fit existing space per your specifications
    • Engineered to meet your specifications and designed for forty years of reliable service

    Ruskin Dampers

    For over 50 years, Ruskin has been a leader in the engineering, design, and manufacture of custom-built high-performance dampers and louvers. Curtiss-Wright Nuclear’s exclusive partnership with Ruskin provides these products for use in commercial nuclear safety-related applications.


    • Fire Dampers
    • Fire Sleeves
    • Fire Angles
    • Ceiling Fire Dampers
    • Access Doors
    • Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers
    • Smoke Dampers
    • Air Doors
    • Control Dampers
    • Backdraft Dampers and Actuators
    • Louvers, Penthouses, and Brick Vents

    Reuland Motors

    Established in 1937, Reuland has exhibited over 75 years of stability and growth as a manufacturer of custom designed motors for the most challenging applications. Reuland also specializes in designing direct replacements for these obsolete motors. Through a teaming agreement with Curtiss-Wright Nuclear, Reuland motors are now offered as safety-related equipment.


    • AC Motors
    • Fractional HP through 400 Frame
    • Low Voltage (up to 600 volts)
    • Three Phase
    • Safety-related and Non-safety related
    • Replacement Motors, not Refurbishments


    • Standard Motors
    • Wound Rotor Motors
    • U-frame Motors
    • High-speed Motors
    • Multi-speed Motors
    • Fluid Cooled Motors
    • Partial Motors
    • Synchronous Motors
    • Gearmotors
    • Brake Motors


    • HVAC
    • Pumps, Mixers, Blowers
    • Motor-operated Valves
    • OEM Process Skids
    • Conversion, DC to AC
    • Crane and Hoist
    • Elevator