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125 West Park Loop NW (Huntsville, AL)

Main Facility
125 West Park Loop NW,
Huntsville, AL 35806
T: +1.256.722.8500

Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is a core capability at Curtiss-Wright Nuclear. Precision machining and fabrication ensure efficiency under various lead times and stock replenishment cycles; this includes equipment dedicated to efficient high-speed manufacturing for common stock items as well as rapid set-up equipment dedicated to manufacture emergency orders. All manufacturing initiatives adhere to:

  • ASME NCA-4000 NPT
  • 10CFR50, Appendix B


  • Custom rebuilds
  • Reverse engineered designs
  • Obsolete parts replacement
  • Airlocks, hatches, gates, specialty doors and barriers
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Electric equipment panels


  • ASME
  • NIAC
  • NRC