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Kenny Guay

Kenny Guay
Phone: (203) 448-3328

Lighting and Cameras

In-Air and Underwater Environments

At Curtiss-Wright we stand by our premium line of specialized equipment – in-air and underwater cameras and LED lights – developed for use in hazardous environments. If you’re looking for our range of top-of-the-line camera and lighting equipment, give us a call and we will help you select exactly what you need for your application. Our equipment is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, whether deep underwater or in the heart of a nuclear reactor. When you need long-lasting and rugged equipment to keep your facility secure, we have a solution for you.

Since we started supplying lighting and camera equipment to nuclear clientele back in 1999, we’ve branched out to a wider range of LED lighting, cameras, and accessories. Are you looking to light up an area? Whether it is in a nuclear facility, 100 feet above a city park or 100-feet underwater, we’ve got you covered. Need to monitor what’s going on? Our cameras, like our lights, are rugged, long-lasting, and can go pretty much anywhere, in-air or underwater. Not sure what you need? Do you want a demonstration? Give us a call, and we will work with you to determine the best equipment to meet your needs.

Why Curtiss-Wright?

  • We offer patented illumination technology with the most lumens available by anyone. Our lights are dimmable to allow adjustment just right for the application. Higher light output reduces shadowing and reduces the total number of lights needed to illuminate an area thereby reducing your total cost of ownership.
  • Our lights have been tested to at least 50,000 hours, or 5 years of continuous operation. Even after 50,000 hours, our lights still work at 70% of their initial output.
  • Our lights operate in-air and underwater, the only available in the market. We will not leave you in the dark when transitioning out of water to an in-air application. Other lights require you to power them down or lower the light output so they don’t fail.
  • We offer a limited 3-year warranty to ensure satisfactory performance spanning your outage cycles. Why buy a light that is only backed for one year?
  • Tri-Plex processed aluminum frame and heat sink. A proprietary process only available to Curtiss-Wright for maximum protection and durability in harsh, boric acid environments. Others cannot match our protection with their aluminum lights.
  • We offer cameras available for just about any application. From general purpose models for simple inspections to radiation tolerant and radiation hardened cameras for the harshest environments. Options available such as pan and tilt, color, zoom, LEDs, etc.
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