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Digital Safety Systems

Fully Qualified Safety-Related Digital Platform

The Curtiss-Wright Digital Safety System is an SER approved, credited as digitally diverse, FPGA solution to current digital system licensing bottlenecks and concerns. The RadICS system is a digital I&C platform that is robust, flexible and scalable. It provides state-of-the-art functions, services and safeguards for safety applications in the nuclear industry. The RadICS NQA-1/Appendix B product line consists of a logic module, input/output modules and applicable specialty modules all housed in a seismically qualified chassis.

The Curtiss-Wright Plant Information Monitoring and Control headquarters in Idaho Falls, ID designs, configures, integrates and tests the RadICS system under Curtiss-Wright’s long standing 10CFR50 Appendix B quality program. Development and test facilities ensure direct and immediate support of plant operations. A full complement of modules and associated materials are maintained in a secure inventory in the Idaho facility.

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