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Information Solutions

IPAA Mobile App

Mobile solution for IN-PROCESSING outage employees

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear’s Mobile IPAA App is built around the and effective In-Processing and Access Authorization (IPAA) Suite, creating an easy to use, streamlined check-in process for all utilities' outage needs. The app synchronizes effortlessly with IPAA’s Security Screening Information Suite (SSIS) to give utilities full visibility on their in-processing information, while also simplifying the required paperwork for applicants.

Key Features

  • A Comprehensive List of Applicants
    • See all applicants arriving for the day
    • Search by applicant name or ID regardless of their arrival dates
    • Tap any name to start or continue the check-in process
  • Applicant Details
    • Review and update all applicant details, including photos
  • Custom, Utility-Specific Forms
    • Develop and display any number of pages with utility configured text
    • Includes utility-specific documents, such as badging responsibilities or reporting requirements
  • Electronic Signature
    • Collect applicant signatures digitally
    • Acknowledgement statement is utility-configurable
  • ID Verification
    • Capture ID verification data, including when data is created and by whom
    • Oracle / SQL Server Database
    • Snap photos of IDs and other supporting documentation for record keeping

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