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Curtiss-Wright’s Electronic Personal History Questionnaire (ePHQ) Software Solution

Curtiss-Wright’s ePHQ has been proven to provide substantial cost savings by reducing rework associated with illegible, incomplete and lost PHQs. ePHQ provides a smart, flexible, electronic version of the industry standard PHQs defined by NEI 08-06. Built into ePHQ are comprehensive data validation, date gap validation and scope expansion features. These features ensure that the applicant provides a complete, quality PHQ the first time without the need for time-consuming review and unnecessary interaction with the applicant. Furthermore, ePHQ seamlessly integrates with Curtiss-Wright’s Security Screening Information System to eliminate manual intervention and paper. In addition, ePHQ reduces turn-around time because the PHQ is completed and returned electronically so that the background can be completed sooner.

Curtiss-Wright also offers the option of a secure hosting service for ePHQ, reducing internal IT costs while enhancing security.

ePHQ Key Benefits

  • Electronic implementation of PHQ supports all six versions of the form:
  • Initial Authorization
    • Updated Unescorted Access Authorization
    • Reinstatement (31 to 365 Days)
    • Reinstatement UAA (30 Days or Less)
    • Reinvestigation
    • Maintaining UAA/UA
  • Provides administrative controls for creating, tracking, printing, storing and managing the PHQ
  • Contains electronic Consent forms
  • Enforces required entry validation rules
  • Performs date gap analysis
  • Expands scope automatically based on FFD PDI
  • Accepts security based electronic signatures
  • Integrates seamlessly with SSIS to provide: One-click submittal to background agencies, quick access to the electronic copy of the PHQ and the ability to import key pieces of information from the PHQ into SSIS