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FAMOS and Monitoring

Monitoring Services


FAMOS – Plant & Condition Monitoring Services

The Plant Optimization segment of Curtiss-Wright is an industry leader in the supply of complete turnkey thermal performance and condition monitoring solutions. The Plant Optimization team has delivered more than 300+ thermal performance and condition monitoring systems to nuclear, coal, and gas fired utilities around the world, leading to millions of dollars in power production revenue from improved reliability and performance.

At the heart of our monitoring services is the Fleet Asset Management & Optimization Solution (FAMOS) platform. The FAMOS platform is an integrated suite of products for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing plant performance; monitoring and detecting equipment problems; and accessing vast plant data anchoring your operation. These integrated applications use state-of-the-art tools and technology to provide an in-depth approach to plant performance and condition monitoring. FAMOS is a widely used and stable platform encompassing 40+ years of power industry experience and includes domain expertise with advanced technology to optimize your operation and enhance maintenance practices. The outcome for plant owners, engineering staff and stakeholders is a safer, more reliable operation.

Find out how the FAMOS platform of tools and services can help your company optimize performance by clicking on one of the practice areas below or by visiting our monitoring website for in-depth information on our capabilities.