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FAMOS and Monitoring

Monitoring Services

M&D Center

Curtiss-wright’s M&D Center’s services can improve a plant’s performance and bottom line

Curtiss-Wright’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic (M&D) Center utilizes our experienced staff and FAMOS software suite to provide improved monitoring and diagnostics of customer’s power generation assets. These services, which include routine surveillance monitoring, problem and anomaly reporting, evaluation of situation urgency for condition-based maintenance planning, and diagnostics of power plant performance and condition, provide critical asset management functions that allow customers to more effectively deal with day-to-day optimization tasks and decisions.

In addition, Curtiss-Wright’s M&D Center collaborates with customer’s teams to provide overall expert asset optimization services, including technical support, establish the health, performance and condition of equipment and receive early detection of equipment problems, determine best practices for operational excellence, and recommend direct action to solve asset problems to improve the thermal efficiency and reliability of the power plants and associated equipment. This integration of real-time performance and condition monitoring technologies with data analytics provides proactive information from data-rich resources for asset management sustainability, reducing costs while maintaining or improving plant visibility.