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FAMOS and Monitoring

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Power plant thermal cycle modeling, design, diagnostics and performance analysis

PEPSE is a steady-state energy balance software program that calculates the performance of electric generating plants. It is used throughout the world by fossil-fired plants, nuclear plants, gas turbine plants, combined cycles plants, and plants with atypical fluid systems. A plant analysis model is constructed by the user's development of a plant schematic that mimics the actual plant component connections.

The user builds this schematic in a Windows setting on the computer by dragging and dropping plant component icons onto the screen from a component library. This library contains all the types of components found in any power plant. PEPSE can be used for design analyses of plants or individual components, to analyze boundary condition changes to quantify controllable parameter changes, to reduce test data to usable form, to perform "what-if" studies, and to perform many more engineering analysis tasks.