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Instrumentation & Controls

Instrumentation & Controls

Power Supplies

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear has special expertise in refurbishing and repairing power supplies. In 2009, we acquired Modumend, a company that had specialized in power supply repair & refurbishment for 20 years. We added their expertise to our already-robust repair group and found that we could fill a niche for which there was a high demand. Currently we repair and refurbish both safety & non-safety power supplies, both for nuclear & commercial clients. We have refurbished power supplies from over 200 manufacturers, including over 5000 different models.

We also have a limited stock of surplus power supplies we can refurbish and supply as safety or non-safety units. Many of these have never been used; others have been used but are in good condition. We refurbish the supplies and certify that they meet the OEM specifications. For a list of surplus supplies on hand, click here. Scientech can also search other surplus houses for your exact power supply, and then refurbish and test is as described above.

Repair Request Order Form

Listing of all manufacturers we have worked on along with our current inventory of power supplies.