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Instrumentation & Controls

Instrumentation & Controls


Curtiss-Wright’s Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) team repairs and refurbishes instrumentation and controls equipment used in commercial nuclear power plants. Our team has provided these services to the nuclear industry for over 35 years with successful installments in dozens of nuclear facilities. We offer repair services on our own equipment as well as equipment from other vendors, both safety-related and commercial.

We can repair and/or refurbish using either original parts or substitute components when the original parts are obsolete or no longer available. After the repair and/or refurbishment is complete, we test the equipment to confirm that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our repairs have included:
• GEMAC 5000 Series Modules
• Westinghouse Hagan 7100 Series Modules
• Foxboro H-Line and SPEC200 Series Modules
• Rosemount 510DU/710DU Trip Unit Modules
• Bailey 7000, 820 & 880 Series Modules
• Power Supplies and More...

Curtiss-Wright can diagnose, repair, and refurbish most I&C units to like-new condition. Contact Curtiss-Wright’s I&C team discuss potential repairs and refurbishments.