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Advanced Electromagnetic Testing

Oil & Gas Refinery
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Curtiss-Wright provides Advanced Electromagnetic Testing services to the oil & gas, nuclear, and other industries. Our team of experts develops and delivers the latest technology, equipment, procedures, and programs to help ensure continued safe operation, equipment reliability, and regulatory compliance across multiple industries. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians utilize the latest in Advanced Electromagnetic Testing (AET) to provide customers with innovative solutions for technically challenging and critical situations. Our specializations include:

  • Surface Eddy Current (Array Capable)
    • ECT surface weld testing - single probe or array probes
    • Flexible array probes for challenging or complex geometry inspections
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
    • Accurate depth sizing in ferrous material
    • Anticipated flaws with depths greater than .250’’
    • Best for thoroughly examining coating, saving on abatement and recoating
    • Random, sine-sweep, sine-beats, continuous sine-wave or white noise excitation
    • Array capable of crack detection and sizing for greater coverage faster
  • HX Condition Assessment, including Conventional and Specialized Tubing Examinations
  • Damage Mechanism Identification, Quantification, and Possible Corrective Action Development
  • 3-D Modeling of Damage Areas for HX, Piping, and Vessels
  • Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) Testing
  • Remote Field Testing in Ferrous Material
    • Boiler Tubing Applications
    • Specialty Alloy (Duplex, Monel, Nickle 200 Applications)
  • Remote Field Testing in Ferrous Material
    • Array Probe Techniques
  • Tube Plugging and Stabilization Services

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