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Curtiss-Wright has partnered with Cyberhawk Inc to provide visual data management using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) to the North American nuclear power industry. The partnership enables Cyberhawk to leverage over 40 years of nuclear industry experience in the areas of equipment design, inspections, and field services. Together this brings a capability that will expand solution offerings to capture information in a more creative and cost effective manner.

Cyberhawk is a world leader in asset inspection and survey technology, providing many types of visual data management, including: site visualization and surveying; close-up visual and thermal imaging; and detailed visual inspection reports using proprietary cloud-based visualization software, iHawk. UAS inspections have a wide variety of potential industry applications that can eliminate walkdowns, security patrols, and the use of scaffolding, including:

  • Structure inspections
  • Leak detection with thermal imaging
  • Confined space inspections
  • Hazardous material storage monitoring
  • Construction/Decommissioning monitoring
  • Dry cask storage inspection
  • Crane inspections

    External Inspection

    High elevation shot of a cooling tower
    A crack discovered on the cooling tower exterior
    High elevation shot of a dome
    Aerial shot of two domes
    A crack discovered on a dome's exterior

    Since 2008, Cyberhawk has utilized UASs for complex industrial inspections in the oil, gas & petrochemical, power generation, power grid, construction and nuclear industries. The advantages of their range of experience and UASs include:

    • High quality images, ranging from 30 to 40 Megapixels, provide high definition visual data (1080 x 1920 full HD 50p capability)
    • Thermal imaging capability
    • Capacity to isolate areas in need of further inspections
    • Generation of 3D models with +/-20 mm accuracy

    Internal Inspection

    A confined space UAS shows a hard to reach spot
    Mineral buildup on the inside of containment
    Internal photos of a concrete structure
    Cracks discovered by internal UAS inspection

    Cyberhawk’s UASs can reach spaces that are hard to access or inaccessible to humans. The confined-space UAS is lightweight, safe and robust, allowing it to roll over objects without inflicting damage to them. Other advantages of this UAS include:

    • On-board lighting for increased visibility
    • Live video streaming
    • Rolling or flying options
    • Dual control

    Qualified and Experienced Staff

    A pilot and engineer photographed from a UAS
    An engineer and pilot set up a UAS in the field
    Two staff members guide a confined space UAS up a wall

    With over 50,000 safely executed flights, Cyberhawk has carried out more inspections than any other UAS-inspection provider. Each inspection is led by an experienced engineer who develops the flight plan. The qualifications of Cyberhawk’s staff include:

    • Pilots that are trained above and beyond FAA standards
    • Degreed engineers qualified to CSWIP, ASME, and API inspection standards
    • Experience in developing interim site reports and final inspection reports
    • Unrivalled experience and knowledge through consultancy services 

    iHawk Software

    iHawk plots all of the potential areas of interest in a cooling tower
    Detailed view of a cooling tower's cracks with their dimensions
    A top down view of a dome shows no errors or cracks

    The iHawk software is a cloud-based visual management program that results in a comprehensive single source of truth visual inspection report. Among this program’s many uses are:

    • Exact sizing and location of defects
    • Creation of a 3D model of the structure
    • Creation of a database from beginning of process to decommissioning