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Innovation Cooperative

Continuously Improving Workflow and Processes

Innovation is one component of a continuous improvement cycle aimed at enhancing existing solutions and creating real technological breakthroughs for new market opportunities. Curtiss-Wright Nuclear seeks to be an “evolutionary” provider of nuclear products and services by engaging our customers to expand on existing technologies or even achieve revolutionary advancements.

Our established Innovation Team observes the performance of plant outages to determine what proven technologies can be used to streamline various maintenance, refueling and reactor disassembly/reassembly tasks.

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear has always been in the forefront of using leading-edge technologies to improve the safety and operation of all nuclear power plants.

Innovation Team Cooperative Programs Outage Optimization Walk-downs
Quick Bolts Storage Baskets
RPV Bio Shield Doors Sacrificial Shield Wall Door Tooling Sets
Fuel Handling Equipment Fuel Transfer System Upgrade
Fuel Transfer Tube Quick Closure Modifications  

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