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Outage Maintenance

Streamlining Maintenance and Refueling

In addition to offering installation services on all of our products, we also provide operation support and stand-by services during plant outages. Our support services are tailored to your particular needs. Curtiss-Wright provides a full range of services from technical supervision to mobilizing a complete team for turnkey installation.

Typical services we offer include:

  • BWR CRD Exchange
  • BWR CRD Rebuild (on-site and off-site)
  • BWR I&C Maintenance
  • HCU Maintenance
  • HydraNut Support and Installation
  • LLRT/ILRT Services
  • PIP Refurbishment
  • Plug and Seal Installation and Removal
  • Product Installation and Training
  • SG Closure Services
  • SG Nozzle Dam Installation and Removal
  • SG Nozzle Dam Refurbishment
  • TIP Tubing Quick Disconnect Upgrades

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