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Plugs and Seals

Focused on Improving Safety

Our Outage and Fuel Management team has developed solutions to improve safety and reduce outage duration based on over 30 years of experience working outages in the nuclear industry. We have a variety of plugs and seals that can help pressurized water and boiling water reactors from reactor cavity seals to drywell vent plugs.

Mechanical and inflatable plugs and seals that can be installed either remotely or locally. Sizes range from ICI plugs (two-inch diameter) to segmented reactor cavity seals (200-inch diameter).

  • Core Flood Nozzle Plugs
  • Drywell Vent Plug (BWR)
  • ICI Plugs
  • Inspection Port (Sandbox) Covers
  • Nuclear Instrumentation Port Covers
  • Recirculation Outlet Nozzle Plugs
  • RPV Drain Line Plug
  • RPV Inlet/Outlet Nozzle Plugs
  • RPV Stud Covers
  • RPV Stud Hole Plugs
  • Segmented Reactor Cavity Seal

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