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SG Eddy Current Testing

Data Analysis and Acquisition, Data Management, and Program Oversight

Current Tubing
Fractures in Material
Technician Performing Eddy Current Testing
Eddy Current Data Displayed
Eddy Testing In Progress

Curtiss-Wright's data analysis services are built to be user-friendly on every level: they can be performed on a variety of analysis software platforms, and remote analysis can be performed, minimizing travel and site training costs. Remote analysis over T-1 or VPN network connections has been performed for both domestic US and international clients. Our data management personnel are also proficient in the use of many data management software offerings - our data acquisition specialists have worked with nearly every remote delivery system in use in the US, as well as performed repair functions (tube plugging and sleeving) and equipment maintenance.

In addition to our analysis services, our commitment to personnel training and development, our participation in industry committees and working groups, and our involvement with Code and regulatory bodies allows us to provide our customers with superior inspection and oversight personnel. Several of our Level III personnel function as independent Qualified Data Analysts (IQDA) or as contracted Utility Level III. In each of these cases, the personnel are responsible for oversight of the entire inspection program. Curtiss-Wright's Anatec division also offers:

  • Auto Analysis Software
  • IM-2 Manipulator System
  • SG Eddy Current Testing Independent Data Analysis

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