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Spent Fuel Management

specializing in neutron absorber performance

"NRC Generic Letter 2014-004 "Monitoring of Neutron-Absorbing Materials in Spent Fuel Pools" can be a threat to your nuclear fuel storage and handling program. Badger provides the means to assess the in-service performance of impossible to see neutron absorbers in the spent fuel racks."

BADGER is a computerized, in-situ scanning system that measures the condition of neutron absorbing materials like Boraflex. It offers the only quantitative technique for assaying the neutron absorption performance of spent fuel racks. BADGER testing complies with NRC guidelines for uniformity testing of spent fuel storage, verifying the adequacy of neutron absorber materials while confirming required storage rack performance racklife calculations.

Providing safe, innovative solutions that address neutron absorber performance issues is one of our specialties. We use our extensive experience to provide effective neutron absorber product solutions like SNAP-INs and service offerings including in-situ and laboratory testing of neutron absorber materials as well as criticality safety analyses.

  • BADGER Testing
  • Criticality Analyses
  • NETCO SNAP-IN® Insert Installation
  • Neutron Absorber Qualification Testing
  • Surveillance Coupon Programs and Testing

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