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Simulation Services

Simulation Services


Simulation Software & Services

3KEYSOFTWARE Logo At Curtiss-Wright, our Simulation Group is at the forefront of developing and deploying advanced 3KEYSOFTWARE® simulation technology. We are committed to continually improving the capabilities of our technology, broadening the scope of simulation applications for intricate systems, and catering to our customers’ requirements. To attain this goal, we have a robust R&D program that is market-focused and multi-disciplinary, including experts from nuclear, mechanical, chemical, electrical engineering, physics, and computer science.

Our flagship simulation product, 3KEYMASTER™, is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates a real-time executive, a Graphical Engineering Station / Instructor Station, and our suite of unified graphical modeling tools.

Curtiss-Wright provides a broad portfolio of products to meet our customers’ simulation needs including:

  • 3KEYSAFE™ – a configuration management system, 
  • 3KEYDCS™ – a distributed control system library of tools, 
  • 3KEYSTUDENT™ – a web-based simulation learning platform, 
  • and many others

Advantages of the 3KEYMASTER™ Environment

Environment: One integrated environment
Object-Oriented Design: True object-oriented design
Code Generation: No proprietary code generators are used
Ease of Look and Feel Customization: Graphical objects can be changed easily to match the plant data and customer preference
Flexibility: Open architecture allowing for the addition of new tools to the existing environment
DCS System: 3KEYMASTER™ can be extended with DCS solutions for most DCS venders in the industry today
Integration with Other Software and Hardware: Ease of integration with other software and hardware through standard communication protocols such as TCP/IP, OPC and others
Embedding Engineering Codes: RELAP5 – NESTLE – MELCOR – MAPP- Simulate 3R are example of engineering models and codes that have been integrated with the 3KEYMASTER™ Environment for real-time and non-real-time applications

For more information on our simulation services, contact our team or visit our simulation group’s website.