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Kenny Guay

Kenny Guay
Phone: (203) 448-3328

Camera Systems

For In-Air and Underwater Use

General purpose, radiation tolerant and high radiation cameras are available for many in-air and underwater applications. These compact, easy to maintain cameras can withstand up to dose rates greater than 1 x 106 Rad/hr and up to a total dose greater than 2 x 108. They provide excellent resolution, freedom from image burn-in, and good sensitivity over a wide spectral range. Fixed focus and zoom cameras are available with lenses that can be swapped out to get any focal length your application requires. LEDs can be incorporated into the cameras and pan and tilt capabilities are available. All cameras are remotely operated from rack mount or desktop control units.


  • Digital and Analog Color
  • Fixed and Zoom Capable
  • Aluminum, Titanium and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Interchangeable Lenses to Adjust Focal Length
  • Pan and Tilt Available
  • LED Illumination for Low-Light Applications
  • Rack Mount or Desktop Controllers available


  • Underwater Structure Inspections
  • ROV Projects
  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Remote Viewing for Robotics and Manipulators
  • Reactor Inspection
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Pipe and Tube Inspections
  • Serial Number Verification
  • Underwater Surveillance
  • Remote Tooling
  • Spent Fuel Pool Inspection
  • Fuel Bundle Failure Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring of Hot Cells