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Kenny Guay

Kenny Guay
Phone: (203) 448-3328


For In-Air and Underwater Use

The Radion-3 and Radion-6 Lighting Systems were designed to replace incandescent and high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting systems. There is no warm-up required, and these fully dimmable lights are instant on and instant off. The Cree LEDs can illuminate in excess of 90,000 lumens in the Radion-3 and 180,000 lumens in the Radion-6 without danger of breakage due to thermal expansion or contraction. We offer diffused Lexan windows to reduce glare and spread light for in-air applications. The Radion-6 is designed to illuminate the entire refuel cavity using two Radion-6 lights on opposite ends of the pool. One would do it, but the second will eliminate all shadows.

  • Patented technology for 40,000 lumens and above
  • Environmentally safe with no mercury
  • LED Life expectancy of 50,000 hours
  • 1 Radion-6 replaces 3 HPS lamps
  • Full spectrum white light, no shadowing, smooth, even light
  • Lexan polycarbonate window, optionally diffused for in-air applications
  • Stainless steel safety screen available
  • Instant on / off with dimmable control
  • LEDs are radiation certified in excess of 2.5 x 107 Rads (2.5 x 105 sv)
  • Lighthead can be positioned in 15º increments over a full 90º range
  • Stud cap mounting available for in-vessel use
  • Tri-Plex processed aluminum frame and heat sink for durability