Michelle Carr
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Safety MonitorTM

Nuclear plant accident risk evaluation monitor

Scientech's Safety Monitor™ is a Windows-based interactive tool that allows plant personnel to evaluate the effects of changes in plant configuration on accident risk. The system operates as a multi-user system, with various features to support work scheduling, operations, PRA, and Maintenance Rule personnel.

The software is designed to allow its use by personnel with little or no PRA training. Using a high speed PRA model of the plant, the software performs risk calculations (core damage frequency, large early release frequency and shutdown boiling frequency) for each unique plant configuration. Besides its use as a tool to plan safe plant operations, it can record actual risk history and component/train unavailability over time.

In a multi-user network installation, the Safety Monitor™ can be used by almost anyone at the plant. Typical users include maintenance and outage-scheduling groups, operations support groups, Shift Technical Advisors, Maintenance Rule Compliance personnel, and plant management. PRA personnel can also use the software to provide more specialized risk evaluations of unusual plant conditions.