Curtiss-Wright and RadICS LLC Announce Technical and Marketing Partnership Agreement

Jan 25, 2019

Curtiss-Wright and RadICS LLC announced a technical and marketing partnership agreement at the 11th International Workshop on the application of FPGAs in Nuclear Power Plants in Dallas, Texas. Curtiss-Wright will market the Radiy RadICS digital safety system platform exclusively in the United States. Curtiss-Wright’s Idaho Falls operations will be the US integration center of excellence for the RadICS-based systems. System design, configuration, and programming will be managed under the long-standing 10CFR50 Appendix B program at this facility. The Idaho Falls office will also be the domestic stocking facility for all RadICS system components and a direct exchange facility for any in-service devices.

RadICS is IEC 61508 SIL 3 (in a single channel configuration), NRC safety certified digital safety system platform. This FPGA based safety platform is the core of Curtiss-Wright’s Digital Safety System and is suitable for installation in any nuclear power generating facility to replace existing digital or analog safety systems. The system is both hardware and software diverse making it the only fully deterministic solution available today. RadICS is designed to easily fulfill all cyber requirements. By virtue of its diverse hardware and software and its “fail-to-safe-state” design, it is immune to digital system Common Cause Failures. In fact, it is licensable today under existing rules and guidelines without fear of the risk and uncertainties associated with earlier less secure and robust designs. Radiy is a pioneer in the design, manufacturing, and installation of FPGA-based digital instrumentation and control (DI&C) systems for nuclear power plants and research reactors. With over 100 systems installed to-date and successful SIL 3 certification for the RadICS platform, Radiy’s demonstrated technological expertise is paving the way for increased safety and efficiency in the nuclear field. The RadICS design is both hardware, utilizing FPGA and CPLD technology, and software diverse eliminating common cause failure licensing concerns. The Safety Evaluation Report (SER) will be released by the NRC in the Spring of 2019.

Curtiss-Wright will design, configure, manage and test the RadICS platform under their 10CFR50 Appendix B quality program. System development and Factory Acceptance Testing for systems will be performed in the secure Idaho Falls facility that meets all of the NRC requirements for a Secure Development and Operational Environment (SDOE). These development and test facilities ensure direct and immediate support of plant operations in the US. A full complement of modules and associated materials is maintained at the Idaho facility to support the 24/7 direct exchange maintenance program.

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