Virtual Collaborations for a Digital Future

Since the first flight, Curtiss-Wright has always pushed the limits of technology in order to advance industry solutions. As an advancing digital age pushes for more virtual solutions, Curtiss-Wright continues to innovate across the nuclear industry, offering products and services for virtual adaptability that range from drone inspections, to virtual contractor services, to remote NDE evaluations, and many more. Combined with our other solution-focused services, such as our Innovation Cooperative, Curtiss-Wright continues to offer comprehensive support to the nuclear industry across all platforms and systems as it moves towards virtual and digital options.

Virtual Booth:

Product demonstrations are one of the best ways to experience a new item or service. Our virtual trade booth is available for customers to view and learn about different product types and their benefits, as well as to receive training from our subject matter experts on the items displayed. Viewers can sign up for one of our public training or demonstrations, view previously recorded sessions, or schedule a private training or demonstration with one of our subject matter experts here, or view the booth below!



As more learning moves towards online platforms, training has followed suit. Available for one-on-one or team training, Curtiss-Wright continues to support remote training and troubleshooting for many of our products, including PEPSE, PEPSE-RT, R*Time, and others. Schedule remote training with us here.

Augmented Reality App and Demonstrations:

Visualize technology like the Zero-Entry Nozzle Dam and the Compact EHO using our virtual reality demonstrations. These virtual demos provide both educational experiences and training opportunities by showing viewers documents like the bill of materials for the items displayed, as well as how they are assembled and maintained. For an even more interactive experience, download the Curtiss-Wright Augmented Reality App for iPhone to experience technologies like the Cartridge Valve and NozzleCheck Valve from anywhere at anytime.

Unmanned Aerial Inspections:

Curtiss-Wright has partnered with Cyberhawk to provide the North American nuclear industry with unmanned aerial inspections, reducing man hours, human contact, and cost. Our team of skilled pilots and engineers use advanced drone technology to compile thousands of high quality images in hard or impossible to reach places both inside and outside of plants, including high radiation areas or areas that would otherwise need extensive scaffolding. The results are digitized in the iHawk software, which provides customers with a comprehensive understanding of their plant. Learn more about our unmanned inspection offerings here.

Remote Monitoring, Analysis, and analysis:

Curtiss-Wright's remote monitoring and diagnostics (M&D) center provides customers with 24/7 access to routine surveillance monitoring, problem and anomaly reporting, evaluation of situation urgency, and diagnostics of power plant performance and condition through our highly trained experts. These services not only provide support in any situation, they also improve asset management and optimization. Learn more about our M&D Center here.

To further assist customers with all aspects of data analysis, Curtiss-Wright's eddy current data analysis specializes in remotely performing data acquisition, analysis, and management to advise on needed repairs and potential required equipment maintenance. Built to be user-friendly across multiple platforms, all of our remote data services are compatible with a number of different platforms and site programs. Learn more about our remote eddy current services here.

SealPro online database:

SealPRO™is a valve-packing database and fluid leak management web-based program that is able to design and manage configurations, track leaks and valve repair, and much more. Because the software is web-based, it can be accessed remotely, getting users the data they need when they need it. It can be hosted or within a company’s intranet and integrated to work management and corrective action programs, and interfaces with other Curtiss-Wright supply chain solutions, such as the RAPID virtual inventory database and the SealOE™ solutions database. Learn more about SealPRO™ here.


Our virtual contractor services assist in the precise planning and execution of outages, providing quick responses to vital solutions without ever setting foot inside a plant. Our virtual contractors work to ensure breaker-to-breaker leak-free protection, providing secure, remote service through approved site VPNs and 24/7 access to our subject matter experts for speedy solutions. Learn more about our virtual contractor services here.


Mobile technology:

Connecting workers to plants is a key concern in the outset of an outage, but the process of handling intake paperwork and background checks often leads to long lines and crowded spaces. To streamline the intake process, Curtiss-Wright has ported it's innovative In-Processing and Authorization Access (IPAA) software suite to mobile platforms, making it easy for plants to gather the needed information from outage workers. We also are proud to provide the updated Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Power Plant Directory app, available for iPhone and Android.

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